FAQ ~ Festive Fishy Orders 2023

As always – we’ve tried our best to keep as many of you lovely folk as happy as we can and to make shore that we’ll get all the seafood your heart desires this Christmas and New Year.

However, as I’m shore you’ll understand, every year we try & improve our shellebration seafood so please don’t assume everything’s the same as we’ve done it before! Read on and make shore you are up to date…

Making an order

Orders are ONLY taken online – no exceptions
Christmas Order book closes at 9am Wednesday 13th December 2023
Once slots have gone – they have gone
If you’ve missed the chance – sorry, make shore you sign up to our o’fish’al newsletter so you don’t miss the boat next year
If we have enough seafood left, we’ll make platters for the shop counter for Christmas Eve – these will be strictly on first come first served basis and can’t be “held” for folk

Re Collections 27th – 31st December 2023

This year we are taking orders for 27th – 31st December. The order book for these dates also closes on Wednesday 13th December 2023

Products available to order

This year we have limited the products you can pre-order.  This is so we can streamline production and produce more platters ~ which are our most popular sellers over the festive period!
If a product is not on website this means it can’t be pre-ordered.
If that’s what you want you can:

  • pop in the shop and sea if we have it on the day
  • come and get it now & pop it in the freezer i.e. white crab, fresh fish (please check with our crew that it is suitable for home freezing)
  • sea if we’ve already got it frozen ~ we’ve got a wide selection of Latimers Own frozen seafood: fish fillets, fish pies, soups, stocks, pasties, fishcakes etc

We can’t “hold” items as we have done in the past ~ sorry.

Shelf-Life information for Platters

Platters collected between 22nd – 31st December 2023 (and are stored in the fridge), are still perfect to eat for 3 days!

For instance:~
Collect 22nd -> Use By 24th December
Collect 23rd -> Use By 25th December
Collect 24th -> Use By 26th December


Changing / Amending / Cancelling Orders

  • Once an order has been plaiced it can’t be changed
  • In the event you need to cancel your order a 5% admin fee will apply. Please contact the office directly ~ However, once we’ve started preparing your order it cannot be cancelled, for Christmas orders this is from 13th December 2023.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, if we need to cancel your order; you will be refunded in full
  • If you need to change your slot ~ log into your Latimers online account and sea if there’s any availability to change it
  • All our seafood is subject to availability, in rough sea conditions our fin’tastic fishermen may not be able to catch it, so we reserve the right to exchange products if need be.

Flash Back ~ Back in 2016…

Collecting Christmas Orders

The festive order collection point will be clearly signposted, and there’ll be plenty of elves to point you in the right direction if you need a hand!


  1. Keep to your chosen time slot, as that’s how we’ll have everything arranged in the cold stores and we want to keep queues to a minimum
  2. Have your order details ready


We’ll be fishing you a Merry Christmas

and all the best fishes for 2024