Fish Fight

Fantastic! We are so pleased that there is finally some well researched publicity into the practice of discard and about sustainable fish stocks.

Discard means that any species of fish caught which the boat does not have quota for HAS to be thrown back into the sea dead – it can’t be landed/sold/eaten. So it is just wasted, and it is totally immoral.

It is fantastic that the whole discard issue and the fisherman’s plight has been publicly highlighted with this campaign on Channel 4 led by Hugh Fernely Whittingstall.

We wholeheartedly support this campaign. There are solutions these problems of discard and ensuring sustainable fishing, but convincing bureaucracy to make the right decisions is an ongoing battle for everybody. You can help in two ways;

1. By very simply signing Hughs petition – it takes approx 15 seconds to do it!
2. Eat Clever – buy local, native fish – Knowing you can trust your supplier is a big help (that’s us!). Try other fish apart from Cod, Haddock and Salmon (see the specials page for ideas of different species to try and the recipes page for ideas on how to cook different fish if you are not sure).

We have a vested interest, as do our fishermen, to ensure that we protect our fish stocks for the future – if we don’t we are out of a livelihood.

For more information about discard and sustainable fishing please click on this link to go to the Fish Fight Home page.