Lobster Platter

Lobster Platter












Lobster Platter   £52

Local dressed lobster, Latimers Roast Smoked Salmon, crevettes, handpicked white crab, luxury prawns, local langoustines, seafood salad

Serves 2-4

To Order for collection:


Email   info@latimers.com

Call 0191 5292200

Or pop in and have a chat

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  1. Helen says:

    If this were to be collected in the morning, would it travel ok in a cool bag? Only my Mam is local and coming to us (in Nottingham) Xmas eve, I’m thinking this would be a perfect treat…..

  2. rob says:

    Hi, Thanks for your comment – to travel a platter would be better with each item packaged up in tubs / bags etc (which we would do for you!), then everything tucked in with lots of ice (which we can give you) in a cool bag. Then we can give you all of the shells and bamboo boats and platter tray for you to display it on when it gets there. If you want to order please email me – info@latimers.com and we can get it all organised for you. Thanks Ailsa

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