Ultimate Turf with your Surf – Longhorn Beef available at Latimers

The Reiver Longhorns are a small herimg_1015d of traditionally and carefully reared native breed beef cattle, farmed just a few miles from the Roman Wall where they graze on ancient grassland meadows alongside the River Tyne, by Robert’s good friend farmer Ridley Armstrong.

Longhorn beef has award winning flavour and texture. “From field to fork” the cattle are matured slowly and grass fed to guarantee quality.


Quite simply its the best meat we have ever eaten and we are proud to be able to offer this superb meat to you.

Longhorn Beef Boxes available to order from Latimers Seafood!


Each Beef Box contains:

Ribeye, Sirloin and Rump steaks
Topside, Silverside, Brisket and Pot Roast joints
Stewing steak and Braising Steak
Shin beef
£100 per box (min weight 9kg)


All perfectly packed for the freezer – just in time for Christmas!

For more information and to order:

Email: info@latimers.com
Call: 0191 529 2200
Or pop in and have a chat with the team

Collection date: 18th November 2016
Orders with payment please by 17th November 2016