Frequently asked questions ~ Christmas and Festive Fish orders!  

 We’ve tried our best to keep as many of you lovely folk as happy as we can, and we’ve tried our best to make shore that well get all the seafood your heart desires!   

 However, as I’m shore you’ll understand, this year what we do here won’t be the same as it’s been in the past. Please don’t assume everything’s the same as we’ve done it before.  Read on and make shore you are up to date 

Making an order

Orders are ONLY taken online – no exceptions 
Order book opens Monday 23rd November for Christmas Orders 
Closes Monday 14th December 
 Once slots have gone – they have gone.   
If you’ve missed the chance – sorry, make shore you sign up to newsletter so don’t miss the boat next year.   
If we have enough seafood leftwe’ll make platters for the shop counter for Christmas Eve  these will be strictly on first come first served basis and can’t be “held” for folk 

 Re Collections 28th – 31st December 2020  

 We are not taking any orders for between Christmas and New Year. This is because we just don’t know what seafood we will be able to get and don’t want to promise and not be able to keep it. 

Products available to order

If product is not on website – it can’t be ordered. It means we can’t guarantee we will have it in. If that’s what you want – you’re more than whelk’ome to nip in the shop and sea if we have it in.
This year we can NOT hold things as we have done in the past. Sorry.

New Seafood Selections

Three new selections for you to enjoy of some all-time favourites that we think you’ll love, they come in our Latimers Jute Hamper Bag and are fin’tastic to keep or give as a present!
All the selections can help make your fishy feasts last, we deliberately piked products that either have typical shelf life of 7 days or that freeze really well.
Available to pre-order online only

Shelf-Life information for Platters

Platters collected between 22nd – 24th December 2020 (and are stored in the fridge), are still perfect to eat for 3 days!

Platter Collect: Platter Use by:
22nd December 24th December
23rd December 25th December
24th December 26th December

Changing / Amending / Cancelling Orders

Once we’ve started preparing your order it cannot be changed or cancelled, for Christmas orders this is on or after the 15th December 2020.
In the event you need to cancel your order a 5% admin fee will apply. Please contact the office directly.
In unforeseen circumstances, if we need to cancel your order; you will be refunded in full.
All our seafood is subject to availability, in rough sea conditions our fin’tastic fishermen may not be able to catch it, so we reserve the right to exchange products if need be.
You are able to change your collection time slot (subject to availablity)– simply log into your account and follow the directions

Collecting Christmas Orders

We can’t offer the usual “Contact Free” Collection service we’ve been operating since June* and this Christmas, collections will be a bit different to previous years.
Yule not be coming inside the deli to collect your order.
The festive order collection point will be outdoors on the café deck**. We’ll still be maintaining all of our COVID secure measures and ask that you do too. So please:
Keep to your chosen time slot
Wear a mask if you can
Remember to keep a safe distance from others
Have your order details ready

So, when plaicing your order, don’t forget those little bits on the side; dressed crab shell, lemon, cocktail sauce, crackers etc. If you do need a bit more on the side than you thought – you can still pop in our shop and get it.

Also this year you can only come and collect your order in your chosen time slot – as that’s how we’ll have everything arranged in our cold stores. We want to keep any queues to a minimum to keep risk as low as possible. If you need to change your slot try logging into your Latimers online account, to see if there’s any availability to change it.

*however, if do require a specific contact free collection (i.e. you are vulnerable & shielding) please get in touch as soon as possible, we may be able to help.

**Café takeaway is closed 21st – 24th December