A swordfish has landed in our counter – caught not in the tropical waters of the Indian or Pacific Ocean but just 2 miles from us in Whitburn – just off shore from Souter Lighthouse.

Caught by Ian Wakenshaw from the Beverley Ann, who fishes from a catamaran for in season wild salmon and sea trout. Ian Lands into Caley Fisheries at North Shields Fish Quay.  Ian was South of the Tyne, floating southwards towards Whitburn just as he came offshore at Souter Lighthouse he landed this beautiful swordfish, he said “it must have meant for your shop!”

Steve and Andy from Caley Fisheries thought of Robert Latimer straight away with this unusual catch – as we are big supporters of local fisherman and are grateful for the amazing job the lads do bringing us a huge selection of fantastic local dayboat fish in all weathers and conditions.

Robert  said  “We are so proud of our local fisherman, they do an amazing job in very hard circumstances – not just wind, wave and tides but also in the politics that surround our industry too.  This fish is a brilliant example of the unexpected from our local shores.  The swordfish would have been following the mackerel and salmon on their summer migration.  It’s a few years since we last saw one landed at Blyth.  This year we’ve also had local tuna fish landed too.  This fish will make beautiful eating, perfect on the BBQ, a good marinade would be lemon, coriander and chilli! This morning I was just expecting 200 lobsters and half a tonne of crab, herring, mackerel, squid, hake and ling in the back of my van – the swordfish is a nice surprise!”

We  are asking customers to guess the weight of the swordfish and the length of the sword on facebook and twitter!


Sky News came to see what all the fuss was about – click here to see their piece