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  1. rob says:

    Hi Ian, thanks for your message – yes we do – we had some last week! We would normally put them on the today’s catch page – so follow us on twitter / facebook to get the news that we’ve got some. They are not very common around here and when we get them they sell out quick – so you’ve got to have your skates on!

  2. eddie curtis says:

    I really like Japanese food and I would like to prepare my own sashimi. Is your fish suitably fresh enough to eat finely sliced and raw?

  3. rob says:

    Hi Eddie

    Thanks for your message, yes our fish is super fresh! We have dayboats who land to us, so our fish is here the day it is caught. When you come in, tell whoever is serving you what you are after and they can advise you best on what was landed when. We also get sashimi grade tuna fish. We tried a Nathan Outlaw recipe last weekend with raw turbot, rapeseed oil, fresh oranges and tarragon – beautiful!

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