Poached Salmon, Broccoli and Pasta #TrickyFishy

Suitable for toddlers, this recipe is fantastic for the whole family and is quick and easy!


25g of butter

25g of Flour

1 pint of milk

100g cheese

Broccoli (to preferred amount)

Salmon (to preferred amount)

Pasta (to preferred amount)

Preparation method:

1) To make a cheese sauce, put the butter, flour, milk and cheese into a bowl and heat in a microwave or pan, whisking every couple of minutes.

2) Poach the salmon until opaque.

3) Steam broccoli

4) Cook pasta

5) Stir salmon and broccoli through pasta and cover with cheese sauce.


Top Tip: At Latimer’s we will do our best to make sure every tiny bone is out for your little one. Just let us know at the counter!