Robert’s Favourite Mussels #TrickyFishy

This is Robert’s take the old classic Moules Mariniere!

You’ll need
Approx 400g live mussels per person for a generous main course.

Please pop in the fridge as soon as you get home, don’t leave them in air tight packaging, pop them in in a bowl under some damp newspaper / tea towel

To make the sauce –
Butter (2oz/50g) or good quality oil to soften onions in
1-2 onions – finely chopped
(if you like it – you can also add in 1 – 2 cloves of garlic)
A good splash of dry white wine (50ml /2 fl oz)
A good glug of cream (approx 250ml)
Handful Chopped parsley



Firstly – make the sauce
Soften the onions (and garlic if you’re using it) in the butter / oil, this takes time, do it over low-medium heat and wait until they are translucent.
Then add the cream and chopped parsley, once this warmed through turn the heat off under the pan.
You can make the sauce in advance if entertaining, if you do this warm the sauce through before start cooking the mussels.
Whilst your onions are softening clean and sort your mussels*

To clean the mussels
Simply wash them in cold water and scrape off any weed or “beards” that are attached. Discard any mussels which are open BEFORE cooking. Discard any which remain closed AFTER cooking.

To cook the mussels
Heat a large lidded saucepan (heavy based if possible), once the pan is good and hot add the cleaned mussels. Chuck in the wine and get the lid on quick! The pan will steam and hiss – very dramatic, but exactly what you want! Shake the pan every now and then until the mussels are open. This only takes 2-3 minutes
Pour the warmed sauce over the mussels and serve!  The dregs in the bottom of the pan might have some grit in, so leave that in the bottom of the pan.

We love this dish served as the classic “Moules Frites” or with crusty bread and a green salad – and the rest of the wine of course…

Want to sea how its done? CLICK HERE to watch Robert doing the magic

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  1. Julie Fascia says:

    Very quick and easy recipe and it tastes wonderful especially with Latimer’s Butter!! Recommend to everyone!

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