Shellfish Parcel on the BBQ

Super super easy!!

Can serve as many as you wish

Simply get any amount of Shellfish you fancy – we like fresh mussels and clams, and if we can get fresh razor clams and cockles we’ll pop a couple of them in too!


  • Check the Shellfish before cooking – remove the ‘beards’ and discard any which are open BEFORE cooking
  • Make a tin foil parcel – use double thickness underneath and make shore there’s plenty of room in the parcel for the steam to form
  • Pop the Shellfish in with some garlic butter / white wine / lemon jucie
  • Sit the parcel on the BBQ for about 4 -6 minutes – carefully open the parcel (watch out for the hot steam!) – you’ll know the Shellfish is cooked as the shells will be open!
  • If not open wrap back up and give another couple of minutes
  • Then discard of any Shellfish which are still not open AFTER cooking for these extra couple minutes
  • Serve with salad and crusty bread!