BBQ Lemony Tuna Steaks with Nicoise Salad

This can serve as many as you like, just double, triple etc the ingredients



1 Fresh Tuna Steak

1 Tbsp of Steenburgs lemony Salmon rub

2 Eggs

Half a dozen marinated Anchovies

A good handful of green beans

A good handful of ripe tomatoes

A good handful of new potatoes

A good handful of deliciously juicy olives – which ever you prefer – we like green olives

Light olive oil

Balsamic vinegar 




  • Boil new potatoes
  • Steam the green beans for 2 -3 minutes above the potato pan – pop into icy cold water straight after to keep them nice and fresh and green
  • Boil the eggs – best to have the eggs at room temperature, to get a slightly runny yolk. We boil a “large egg” for about 8 minutes (less if they are small). As soon as the time is up plunge them into cold icy water, and once cool peel them
  • Cut the tomatoes into bite size chunks – sprinkle with a little salt
  • Whip up a sumptuous dressing of light olive oil and good quality balsamic vinegar with a little seasoning
  • Toss the salad ingredients together with a little chopped parsley
  • Artistically arrange the halved boiled eggs and Anchovies
  • Once the BBQ is nice and hot make a quick marinade using Steenburgs lemony Salmon rub and a splash of olive oil. We love this as the flavours including lemon, dill, pepper, parsley, thyme, fennel, tarragon, and cayenne pepper just compliment the Tuna beautifully (its good on Salmon too!)
  • Coat the Tuna steak with marinade and chuck it on the hot BBQ
  • Cook the steak for a couple minutes on each side, We love Tuna medium rare and still pink in the middle
  • Either cut into chunks or lie it on top of the salad and tuck in!